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First Istanbul Consultancy and Real Estate Investment in Turkey was founded by a group of experienced “big” real estate professionals in Istanbul, Turkey.

The company has worked for years in the real estate business. First, which is officially registered in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, has accumulated experience in everything related to the laws governing labor, investment and trade in Turkey, as well as extensive knowledge in various economic, educational and medical sectors.

First provides solutions to Arab investors and provides them with opportunities to enter the real estate investment market in Turkey, thanks to a distinguished team of expertise, following up on their clients with all the necessary information in order to obtain opportunities that suit their needs and to end the legal proceedings in a professional manner.

The company also provides real estate opportunities for customers wishing to stay in modern (modern) residential complexes in Istanbul, in line with their desire for luxury services and a strategic location to save time and effort in transportation.

In short, our expert team is with you dear customer until you get your real estate investment project to your satisfaction.


  • To be the first guide for Arab investors in Turkey.
  • Providing a convenient and safe service for Arab investors.
  • Providing real estate investment opportunities with the most profitable and least risky returns.
  • Directing Arab capital in the right way in real estate investment in Turkey, it is the best types of current and future investments.

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Yakuplu mahllesi. Hurriyet bulvarı. Skyport residence. ofis 70. Beylikdüzü. İstanbul


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