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Things To Ensure Once You Are Buying A Property In Turkey

Some people can be exposed to scamming especially foreigners due to the unknowledge of the laws, rules and the system of buying a real estate or launching an investment in Turkey and the unknowledge of unclear things and processes. The scamming might be direct or indirect way and some of it could be simple like […]

After Sell Services

Services are non-stoppable with First Istanbul even after the deal is done because it helps the client collecting the needed documents to prepare their investment or apartment as below: Helps the clients to make water, gas and electric contracts properly. First Istanbul offers the client the chance of managing the investment expenses like rent it […]

How Could You Buy A Real Estate Or A Property In Turkey?

Buying a real estate in turkey is divided in many types (residential, commercial, investments) in simple easy steps so if you would like to have a real estate under your name you only need to do the flowing: Handing the directorate of the land registry the real estate contract prove the address of the origin […]

Make Your Work Permit In Turkey With First Istanbul

Work Permit in Turkey: Turkey’s work laws give foreigners the right to work in Turkey throughout providing them work permit which is issued by the ministry of labour and workers and the total responsible of them to protect their rights and work on the development on the economy and the Turkish trade market especially that […]


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