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About Us

First Istanbul consultancy was established to consulting and investments in real estate in Turkey from especial experienced supporting people in the real estate trade market of Istanbul Turkey.

The company staff had worked in the real estate investments market for years and ‘First Istanbul’ depends officially on Turkey’s trade market, the huge experiences in the Turkish investments, trade and work, beside the huge knowledge in the economics, education and medical sections.

‘First Istanbul’ presents the perfect solutions to investors to enter the investments trade market in Turkey by virtue of the great well-trained and experience staff and follows the clients needed information in order to reach and meet their requirements professionally.

The company provide its clients with the best opportunities and offers to find modern unique compounds and residences in Istanbul which satisfy their desires from entertaining facilities to strategical location and all other services

Our experienced team will do the best for you to meet your dream and desired investment project with perfection to satisfy your requirements

First Istanbul goals:

To be the best choice for the investors in Turkey.

To be the best guide in Turkey’s trading market.

To present the best investments opportunities with the highest profit and the less dangerous.

To guide investors with real estate projects in Turkey’s trade market because it is considered to be the best choice for investments in Tukey in the future

First Istanbul team

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Our Real Estate Offers

Fi150: The Modern Kingdom Project – Levent
3+1 // 4+1 // 5+1
Fi148: Royal Residency Project – Eyup

Fi148: Royal Residency Project – Eyup

Starting from 808,000TL
2+1 3+1 4+1
Fi147: Brand City Project – Üsküdar

Fi147: Brand City Project – Üsküdar

Starting From 1,280,000TL
1+1 // 2+1 // 3+1 // 4+1 // 4+2 // 5+2
Fi146: The Platinum Tower Project | Kadıköy
1+1 // 2+1 // 3+1
Fi145 | kağıthane – The symbol of Istanbul
Fi144 | Kadıköy – Panoramic towers

Fi144 | Kadıköy – Panoramic towers

Starting from 609,137TL
1+1/ 2+1 / 3+1 / 4+1 / 5+2


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